Migrants leaving Kashmir seeing the threat of life, long waiting in trains going to Bihar


The killing of non-Kashmiri people killed in recent terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir has forced the people living there to live in fear. The situation in Jammu is a bit normal, but the condition of Kashmir is not good. Won’t be back there now. This is to say of Moe Maseed Rehman, a resident of Siwan. Maseed, who worked as a mason in Kashmir, had reached Patna from Jammu after reaching New Delhi. Maseed, who came on platform number two of the junction from 03414 Delhi Malda Town Farakka Express, told that whatever happened in Kashmir, it was very wrong. Now this should not happen to any non-Kashmiri in future. He told that what kind of enmity the terrorists are taking out from the people working in the work of the masons and the people working in the sev plantation.

On the question of targeting and killing innocent people, Suraj Kumar, who came from there, said that we did not get local support there. Told that after eating food directly after work, we have to be locked in the house. The houses are being locked even before sunset. After all, why would citizens tolerate such compulsion in their own country? Subodh Singh, who is coming from train’s bogie number S-8, told that he lives there by working in a private firm in Jammu. Said that the system of guarding the lives of the people from the government is the need of the hour.

Travelers said, if there is life, then there is a world

Passengers who returned from Jammu via Delhi said that the situation in Kashmir has become such that there is a fear of living there. Armaan, associated with the work of apple loading of Kashmir, told that he was to come to Bihar during Chhath time, but had to come due to the unusual situation. Said that first there is life then there is world. After living life, man will earn anywhere. Bunty, a resident of Nalanda, told that he was working in Jammu for the last six years. But now due to fear, they are going to their village. Now you will earn and eat in the village itself.


Long waiting in trains coming from Jammu to Bihar

Patna. Due to the targeted attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, a large number of people have started exodus from there. The situation is that long waiting is going on in the trains coming from there. Tickets are not available in 02332 Jammu Tawi Howrah Festival Special from Jammu Tawi to Howrah via Buxar, Ara, Patna, Mokama, Kiul from now till first week of November. This train has 318 waiting on 21 October, 236 waiting on 24 October, 252 waiting on 25 October, 257 waiting on 28 October, 281 waiting on 31 October and 308 waiting on 1 November. Similarly, 02356 Jammu Tawi Patna Festival Special coming from Jammu Tawi to Patna twice a week is also full. There is 271 waiting in this train today i.e. on 20 October. There are 225 waiting on 24 October, 188 waiting on 27, 233 waiting on 31, 223 waiting on 3 November and 150 waiting on 7 November. This waiting list in both the trains is of sleeper class. There are no seats available in the rest of the class also.



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