Meghalaya Govt To Probe Uranium Leak From Liquid Waste Tank

Meghalaya govt to probe uranium leak from liquid waste tank


Uranium Radiation Leakage: NGOs, civil society groups, gram panchayats complained of emission of radioactive rays from uranium waste storage tanks in the western Khasi Hills district. A panel of experts will investigate such allegations.

Government of MeghalayaSu Decided to investigate the news of uranium leak from the liquid waste tank. Heads of several NGOs, civil society groups, gram panchayats Uranium Radioactive race from the western storage tank of the western Khasi hill districtComplained of leakage. Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister Preston Tinsong said on Saturday that a panel of experts would investigate the allegations coming from the Khasi Hill District.


Tinsong said a high-level review meeting was held on Friday, during which it was decided to investigate by an expert group to investigate the news of radiation emissions from the Domiasiat region of the Western Khasi Mountains. Chief Secretary of the state MS Rao has been given the responsibility to form the panel. Sangma assured that experts and government agencies have investigated the concrete tanks. They have been assured that there is no leakage from the tanks (radioactive radiation).

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The locals claimed this crack

Locals say four uranium waste storage tanks and two more reservoirs in the Domiasiat-Nambah-Jirin region have large cracks, causing dangerous chemicals to be released into the atmosphere. These storage tanks were built decades ago during uranium mining here.


Meghalaya is the third largest store in the country

Meghalaya has the third largest uranium reserves after Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand. It is estimated that there are 922 million tons of uranium reserves. Officials say the area is often mined for uranium mining and such tanks are built to store waste during this period. The Department of Atomic Energy is preparing to launch a major campaign to extract uranium from Meghalaya. However, the local people are strongly opposed to it.

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