Master Plan 2041: Open medical colleges in every district of Delhi-NCR, provision for opening of Central Health University


Taking lessons from the Corona epidemic, the health system of Delhi-NCR will be further improved. The NCR Planning Board has made a provision in the Draft Master Plan 2041 that medical colleges should be opened in all the districts of NCR. Along with this, there is also a provision to open one AIIMS each in UP and Rajasthan sub-region. This will solve the problem of shortage of doctors in Delhi-NCR. Provision has also been made to open an international level Central Health University in NCR.

Special emphasis has been given on health services in the draft Master Plan 2041 for Delhi-NCR. The NCR Planning Board has emphasized on improving the ratio of doctors and population along with medical colleges in every district. Air ambulance facility will also be created along with coordination between hospitals across the region. This will enable patients to get treatment at the right time.

Many facilities in hospitals bigger than 100 beds: Many facilities will be available in hospitals bigger than 100 beds in the capital. According to the draft master plan, DNB course will be started in a hospital of more than 100 beds. This will eliminate the shortage of doctors. Also, hospitals larger than 100 beds will be connected with air ambulance facility.

Online referral system mandatory: Online referral system has been made mandatory in Delhi-NCR in the Draft Master Plan 2041. A large number of patients from NCR reach hospitals in Delhi. Patients keep wandering from one hospital to another due to lack of proper information. Provision has been made in the new master plan that online referral system will be mandatory in all hospitals. With this, everyone will be aware of the empty beds.

Doctor population ratio worst in UP, best in Delhi

present situationdoctor Population
According to WHO11000
Haryana Sub Region110189
Rajasthan Sub Region110976
UP Sub Region119962

Medical condition in Delhi-NCR

150 There are government hospitals in Delhi-NCR

200 more than one community health center

580 Services available in primary health center

19 Trauma centers are presently in Delhi-NCR

177 Blood banks are working in this area

Trauma center at a distance of every 50 km

The Master Plan 2041 emphasizes on increasing the trauma center to save the lives of the people after the accident. At present, work is going on on many highways in the NCR region. Work is going on on Delhi Meerut Expressway as well as Ganga Expressway. Provision has been made in the master plan that a trauma center should be built at every 50 km. At present, there are only 19 trauma centers in Delhi-NCR.




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