‘Man vs. Wild’ host buyer Grylls shared a photo with PM Modi – a photo of my favorite



Bayer Grylls, the host of the hugely popular show ‘Man Versus Wild’, shared a picture of the episode made in India last year with Prime Minister Modi, where he is seen giving Prime Minister Modi a coffee thermos.

Prime Minister Modi and Man VS Wild host Bayer Grills shared a photo

In one episode of the show, Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were seen having an adventure at Jim Carpet Park in Uttarakhand.


  • In India, Bare Grills shot a special episode with PM Modi
  • Buyer wrote in the caption, ‘My favorite picture
  • People like this picture on social media

Discovery Channel’s very popular show ‘Man VS Wild’ is well known among the people, it is very popular among the people, this show was quite acclaimed while shooting a special episode with the popular and popular show host Bayer Grylls last year. The Prime Minister of India.

The episode with Bayer Grylls set a record, with one episode of the show showing Bayer Grylls and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on an adventure at Jim Carpet Park in Uttarakhand. This special episode was the most watched show not only in the country but also abroad and at the same time it became the most watched show in the world.

Now the host of the event, Bayer Grylls, has shared an old picture with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Twitter account, Grylls has shared a picture reminiscent of the day that people love. Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared with a buyer grills. Very special event last year.

The buyer wrote in the caption of the photo, ‘One of my favorite pictures – this moment after soaking in tea with Prime Minister Modi at the end of our jungle adventure reminds me that we are all behind our masks and positions.

People are liking this movie on social media and they are giving a lot of comments and reactions to it, this episode was aired on 12 August 2019 and it was seen not only in the country but also abroad.

Bare Grylls has not forgotten India either

It is noteworthy here that even the famous British citizen Bayer did not forget India. He first came to India at the age of 18 and came to India whenever he got a chance. Through the visit he got to know India, in an interview Grylls expressed his love for India and said that his performances here were among the best in the world. He said that during his visit to the hilly areas of northern India, he saw that the Indian people were great. They are full of warmth and compassion. The ground situation may have changed but nothing has changed in the minds of the Indians. They meet and receive people in the same way.

Superstar Rajinikanth also arrived at the famous Bare Grills show

A few months ago, superstar Rajinikanth also appeared on the famous Bar Grills show. Where Rajinikanth has been seen doing many adventure tasks and stunts. The Bear Grylls themselves were surprised to see Rajinikanth on an adventure at the age of 70.

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This time, Rajinikanth also told the story of his fight over stunts, how he went from being a bus conductor to a superstar. This time, Rajinikanth and Bayer Grylls also talked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was earlier part of the Bayer Grylls show.


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