Mamata Banerjee has targeted the BJP, saying outsiders will not run Bengali


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has spoken of ousting the BJP from the 2021 Assembly elections. He said that no outsider would run Bengali, only the people of the state would run Bengali.

The Trinamool Congress will form the government

Mamata Banerjee said that the BJP would emerge in the 2021 Assembly elections. He said that the Trinamool Congress would again form the government in Bengal. Let us know that this is the first time he has said these words during his first digital rally. According to sources, the Trinamool Congress celebrated Martyrs’ Day on July 21. Because in 1993, 13 people were killed in police firing.


Outsiders will not run the government

He says the central government is conspiring against him. The central government says that there is an atmosphere of violence in Bengal every day. But why don’t they talk about Jungle Raj in Uttar Pradesh?

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He said that just as the central government spreads such rumors against us, the people of Bengal will also respond to them. We will not allow any outsider to run the state in the 2021 assembly elections. Only the people of the state will run Bengali.



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