Make parrot free, CBI to have autonomy like two election commissions, High Court’s advice to the Center


The Madras High Court has made a big comment regarding the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The court on Tuesday said that the Central Bureau of Investigation should be the only agency reporting to Parliament. Court says that CBI should be like CAG which is answerable only to Parliament. Significantly, for a long time, the opposition has been alleging that the CBI has become a political tool in the hands of the BJP-led central government.

Talking about making changes in the existing system, the court in a 12-point direction said, “This order is an attempt to release the ‘caged parrot (CBI)’ so that the CBI can get autonomy like the Election Commission.”


BJP had made these allegations during the Congress era

The Supreme Court, during the hearing of coalfield allocation cases in 2013, had commented on the CBI and described it as a “cage parrot”. The BJP, then in opposition, had accused the agency of being controlled by the Congress-led government.

‘BJP government’s control over CBI’

Here, in the last few years, the CBI has taken forward the investigation by registering cases against many leaders of the opposition, about which it is also accused of controlling the BJP government. The Madras High Court said that the autonomy of the agency will be ensured only when it is given statutory status. The Madras High Court held that the Government of India is directed to consider and decide to enact a separate Act to give more powers and powers to the CBI, so that the CBI can carry out its functions with functional autonomy without the administrative control of the Centre.


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