Looking for new allies, eyes on Captain; BJP’s problems are increasing in Punjab’s election turmoil


The problems of the BJP are increasing in the electoral turmoil of Punjab. After breaking the alliance with Akali Dal, BJP is preparing to contest elections alone, but it does not see much benefit in it. In such a situation, the party is looking for new allies, but the matter has not been made yet. In Punjab, BJP has been contesting elections in alliance with Akali Dal for a long time, due to which it has not been able to spread its feet beyond a particular area. Now that it has to go to the polls on its own, the political situation in the state is quite different.

Congress and Aam Aadmi Party have a triangular fight with Akali Dal in the electoral battle. If Captain Amarinder Singh enters the election fray by forming a new party, then the struggle will be more fierce. In such a situation, BJP may also have to struggle hard to register its presence in the state.


According to sources, the BJP is trying its best to have an electoral alliance with Captain Amarinder Singh, who broke away from the Congress in the state. With this, the BJP may get an opportunity to contest the elections on the nationalist issue in the state. Because Captain Amarinder Singh is preparing to enter the election fray by separating from the Congress on the issue of nationalism.

Though BJP and Amarinder have different views on the issue of farmers’ movement, but before the elections, the central government can take a big decision on the issue of farmers’ movement, which may give Amarinder Singh an opportunity to change his stand.


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