Lockdown has made 35% of Indian billionaires richer, has done a few million jobs: Oxfam


The Oxfam report states that since March 2020, the country’s 100 billionaires have amassed wealth, from which 13.7 crore people can be given checks worth Rs 99,045.

The coronavirus has widened the income gap between India’s billionaires and billions of unemployed, untrained employment, poor men and women. On Monday, the non-profit organization Oxfam presented related statistics in its report. The report, titled The Inequality Virus, said that the wealth of India’s millionaires increased by 35 per cent during the coronavirus lockdown, and that 84 per cent of the country’s households had to go through economic hardship. At the same time, in April 2020, 1.7 million people were going to work every hour alone.

According to the report, out of the wealth created by 100 billionaires in India since March 2020, 136 million or 13.7 crore poor people in the country can be given a check of Rs 94,045?



“Growing inequality is rampant in India … During the epidemic, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said it would take 10,000 years for a skilled trained worker in India to acquire as much wealth in one hour. It will take three years for him to earn as much as he earned. In August last year, Mukesh Ambani was declared the fourth richest man in the world.

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Earlier and in the months that followed, we saw millions of migrant workers lose their jobs, savings, food and shelter after a sudden lockdown, and were forced to return to their home states. Painful pictures were published during this period, when we see workers walking hundreds of kilometers. Hundreds of people (probably thousands) died during this time.


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