‘Life is just on its own’, video of innocent killed along with Colonel father in terrorist attack goes viral


“Life is just lived on its own, funerals are raised on the shoulders of others.” This video of Abir, the six-year-old son of Vipul Tripathi, the commanding officer of the Assam Rifles martyred in Manipur, is going viral on social media. Let us inform that Abir along with his parents also became a victim of Naxalites.

People are appreciating the spirit

This video is from a school function, in which Abir played the role of Bhagat Singh. In the video, Abir has put a cap on his head like Bhagat Singh. At the same time, a mustache has been made on his face like Bhagat Singh. Standing in front of the tricolor, Abir is seen shouting slogans of Inquilab Zindabad with full pride. Seeing this video viral on social media, people are praising his spirit on one hand. At the same time, some people are also expressing grief over his death in this way.

as bright as your name

Just like the meaning of his name, the dazzling Abir was killed in an attack by the Manipur Naga People’s Front. Four members of the Assam Rifles, Abir’s father, Commanding Officer Vipul Tripathi, and mother Anuja had also become victims of this attack. Later, members of the Manipur Naga People’s Front sent congratulatory messages to those involved in the attack. But he also expressed grief over the death of the child and his mother.




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