Know how a ‘lapse’ took the Left from the summit to zero in Bengal, what was happening for the first time after independence?


A wrong decision taken a decade ago has pushed the CPI-M (CPI-M) from the summit to zero in West Bengal today. Mamta Banerjee has assumed the chief minister’s chair for the third time and this is the first time since independence, when the Left parties will have no representation in the assembly. Left leaders admit that the decision to acquire Singur land led to their political downfall. After this, he did not get a chance to recover.

The CPI-M won 176 seats in the state in 2006 and Buddhadeb Bhattacharya became the chief minister. But during his tenure, the decision to acquire farmers’ land for Tata Motors in Singur gave the Trinamool Congress an opportunity to establish its roots in the state. The result was that the CPI-M’s 34-year rule came to an end in 2011. But even then the CPI-M had got 30 percent votes and 40 seats. The vote percentage was reduced by seven per cent compared to 2006. But in 2016, the CPI (M) ‘s vote percentage decreased further. The party was reduced to 19.75 per cent votes and the seats were reduced to 26. The CPI-M then contested in an alliance with the Congress.

In this election, the CPI (M) tried to present itself as an alternative. Formed an alliance with the Congress. She also joined hands with the anti-Mamata radical Muslim organization ISF. But nothing came to hand. She could not win a single seat and her vote percentage came down to 4.7. At the same time, the allied Congress and ISF could not get any seats. The Congress could get only 3 per cent and ISF one per cent.


These mistakes pushed back

Singur may have been behind the CPI (M) losing power, but there are many reasons why it could not stand later. Actually, Mamata assimilated all the issues on which the CPI used to do politics and raised her cadre on the same lines. When Mamata emerged as a strong Chief Minister in the state, the CPI-M could not present any face. In 34 years of rule, it joined hands with the opposition party which the Congress fought. Despite all this, when the BJP started increasing its penetration in the state in recent years, the Left parties could not decide whether to fight the Trinamool or the BJP. Due to all these reasons, the CPI (M) is at zero in the state today.



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