Kisan Andolan: Does Rakesh Tikait have assets worth crores of rupees? Listen to Tikait


Rakesh Tikait: In the news of the rift among the peasant leaders, Rakesh Tikait said that if the opposition does not get anything, then 40 peasant leaders are trying to crack.

Peasant movement (Facing Farmers’ Protests) and National Spokesperson of the Indian Kisan Union Rakesh Tikait (Rakesh Tikait) answered questions raised by opponents regarding their property. Opponents say Tikait has billions of rupees worth of property and stools. Farmer leader Tikait said in a conversation with NDTV that he underestimated that more should be done. We have a lot of resources. We don’t know how much. It will be a few thousand crore rupees. Many patwaris, officials and the government will have to be forced, then there will be an investigation.

Farmer leaders are organizing a mahapanchayat to garner support against the agricultural law. Asked about the small number of people in the panchayat than before, Tikait said the movement would continue. The movement will not run in numbers. Farmers will also work in the field and in the movement and panchayat.



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Rakesh Tikait said that if the opposition did not get anything, now 40 peasant leaders were trying to crack down on them. Leaders are being accused of property. This has been the property case for 5 days. It is also said that the property of all the farmers is ours, the petrol pump that we will give free of cost is ours. All peasant leaders are one.

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