Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s granddaughter appeals to PM Narendra Modi on Afghan crisis, know what he said


After the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, Afghans living in India are worried about their families. The situation has remained a matter of concern for the last 1-2 days. Yasmin Nigaar Khan, granddaughter of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and president of All India Pakhtoon Jirga-e-Hind, said in Kolkata today that the Taliban had taken power without a fight.

Yasmin Nigar Khan said, “The Taliban cannot be trusted. They can say something now and do something else the next day. We can only appeal to PM Modi and the rest of the world that the way he took care of Syria, Palestine and other war-torn countries, they should also look at Afghanistan.

On President Ashraf Ghani leaving the country, he said, “Leaders have left the country but common people, poor, women, children are making sacrifices. They should be taken care of.”

Taliban announces ‘amnesty’, urges women to join government

Let us tell you that a Taliban official has urged women to join the government while declaring amnesty for all in Afghanistan. Einamullah Samangani, a member of the Islamic Emirate’s Culture Commissioner, made the remarks on Tuesday on Afghan state TV, which is now held by the Taliban.

“The Islamic Emirate does not want women to suffer,” he said. The Taliban uses the Islamic Emirate for Afghanistan. “The structure of the government is not completely clear, but based on our experience, it should have full Islamic leadership and involve all stakeholders,” Samangani said.


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