Keshubhai Patel got Padma Bhushan, Narendra Modi became CM on his resignation, relationship with ‘Guru’ was full of ups and downs


Keshubhai Patel, two-time Chief Minister of Gujarat, has been awarded the Padma Bhushan posthumously. PM Narendra Modi has been calling Keshubhai Patel, who received the third highest civilian honour, his political guru. Even though Keshubhai Patel had to step down after the 2001 Bhuj earthquake and Narendra Modi was made the chief minister in his place, the two publicly respected each other. It is believed that by conferring Padma Bhushan on Keshubhai Patel, the BJP will be able to send a message among Patel voters in the state, where elections are due by the end of next year.

PM Narendra Modi may have moved ahead in Gujarat under the shadow of Keshubhai Patel at one point of time, but their relationship was full of ups and downs. Even it is said that Keshubhai Patel, after becoming the CM again in 1998, sent Narendra Modi to Delhi after asking the central leadership and he did not want Modi to come to Gujarat and meet the leaders. However, things changed drastically in 2001, when Keshubhai Patel was accused of not handling the situation after the Bhuj earthquake and he had to resign. After this Narendra Modi came directly from Delhi to Ahmedabad and was made CM.


Had to resign from the post of CM after the earthquake in Bhuj

Since then the relationship between the two leaders deteriorated, but Narendra Modi was often seen meeting them cordially. Keshubhai Patel, a founding member of the Jana Sangh and the BJP, emerged as a leader during the Emergency and became a minister in the Janata government in 1979. The 1980s was the rise of Keshubhai Patel, but he became the CM in the 1990s. For the first time he became the CM in 1995, but after 7 months, Shankarsinh Vaghela revolted against him. Then got a chance in 1998, but he had to resign after the Bhuj earthquake. More than 12,000 people died in this incident.

The party was formed after separating from the BJP, campaigned against Modi

Keshubhai Patel was publicly described many times by PM Narendra Modi as his political guru. However, Keshubhai Patel had also campaigned against him in many elections. But when PM Narendra Modi met Keshubhai Patel during a program in 2019, he took blessings by touching his feet. Whereas in the 2007 elections, Keshubhai Patel had openly declared his supporters to vote for the Congress. After this, in 2012, he had formed a party named Gujarat Parivartan Party. However, he could only save his seat. After this he merged the party with BJP.


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