Kejriwal inaugurated the Delhi government’s red light, publicity vehicles and against pollution


On Thursday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a digital press conference on the issue of pollution. As part of his campaign to stop pollution, the chief minister launched the Red Light On, Cart of Campaign.

Delhi Chief Minister (Chief Minister of Delhi) Arvind KejriwalPollution Digital press conference on pollution in the Thursday. He said the process of burning straw has started again in the neighboring states. The Delhi government cannot stop it, but will take other drastic measures to stop the pollution. Under this, the Chief Minister started the Red Light On, Cart of Campaign.
Kejriwal said the gum smoke has reached Delhi, it will still be reduced but what will happen to the farmers in the villages where it is burning. The story continues year after year. Smoke is burning in Delhi We can’t do anything about it, but in Delhi we are taking steps that we can take to reduce our pollution. Everyone should join this campaign in the coming days Join Every citizen of Delhi should reduce pollution. In Corona, people are similarly sad, it can be fatal if pollution increases.


Also conduct anti-dust campaigns

An anti-dust campaign has been launched to prevent dust, he said. Paulie has to run, so the Pusa Institute has started bio-composers. But when we park our car at the red light every day, our car will not stop and the car will continue. Think about how much smoke comes out of the car this time. Kejriwal said there are one crore vehicles registered in Delhi. 30 to 40 lakh cars will come on the road and they will emit smoke at the red light. So we’re turning on a red light on the campaign car

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Farmers were also affected by burning straw

CM Kejriwal says there is no need to burn Delhi straw. We are spraying for this. Introduced electric vehicle policy and tree transplant system. Now a new campaign is starting. We don’t stop when the car stops at a red light. They give off smoke. This results in pollution.


Big change if millions of vehicles are off at redlights

Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal has said that if even 1 million vehicles start turning off the red light, the Prime Minister will lose 1.4 tonnes in 10 years. PM 2.5 will be reduced to 0.4 tons. People will also benefit from it. Experts say less fuel is consumed in a redlight in one minute than in the end in the driver.

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It will also save fuel and keep the environment clean

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Chief Minister Kejriwal has said that fuel will also be saved a lot. A car spends 15 to 20 minutes on a red light road. Which takes 200 ml of oil. The loss in one year is 7 thousand. Pollution increases in summer, stays in the soil in winter. Due to this vehicle pollution remains in the environment. Kejriwal said Delhi has reduced pollution by 25 per cent.


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