Kejriwal hoisted 115 feet high tricolor on Independence Day, remembering that scene of Ramlila Maidan movement by mentioning Anna Hazare


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hoisted the 115 feet high tricolor in his constituency New Delhi on Sunday on the occasion of 75th Independence Day. During this, referring to Anna Hazare, Kejriwal said that while hoisting the flag, I remembered the days of Anna movement, when Anna used to say Bharat Mata ki Jai by hoisting the tricolor at Ramlila Maidan, then the person sitting in front of the TV in every house also. Bharat Mata ki Jai used to be chanted.

Kejriwal said that this immortal tricolor of ours is carrying the hopes and dreams of all of us countrymen. Whenever we see the tricolor, something happens in our heart. Patriotism gives goosebumps. The Chief Minister said that from today 5 such huge tricolors have been dedicated to the people in Delhi. Soon 500 such tricolors will be installed all over Delhi so that whenever you come out of the house, you must see this tricolor flag of yours. Our target is to install 500 such national flags across Delhi by Republic Day. This will create a feeling of patriotism among the people.

He said that soon 500 such tricolors will be installed all over Delhi, 5 tricolors have been installed today. By January 26, all 500 tricolors will be ready. Our aim is that if any person comes out of his house, he should see one or two tricolors so that the feeling of patriotism can be awakened in him.

‘Patriotic course’ to start in Delhi schools from September 27

Earlier, after unfurling the national flag at the Delhi Secretariat on the occasion of Independence Day, Kejriwal announced that a ‘patriotic course’ would be started in government schools from September 27 as a tribute to freedom fighter Bhagat Singh. The Chief Minister said that the objective of starting the Patriotic Course in Government Schools is to instill a sense of pride in every child and prepare them to give their all for the nation.

Tight security was observed in the capital on the occasion of 75th Independence Day celebrations on Sunday. Counter drone technology was deployed in sensitive areas in the capital to prevent any untoward incident.


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