Karnataka: Bajrang Dal activists sang hymns after entering church, priest arrested for conversion


Activists of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad forcibly entered Karnataka’s Hubballi on Sunday morning and sang bhajans as a protest alleging forced conversions. A video of this incident has surfaced. In the video, some women and men are seen singing hymns with folded hands inside the Baridevarakoppa Church in Hubballi at around 11 am. Following the incident, local BJP MLA Arvind Bellad blocked the highway demanding the arrest of church pastor Somu Avradhi.

A video of Hubli, Karnataka is going viral. In this video, people associated with Bajrang and Vishwa Hindu Parishad are singing bhajans at Bairidevarakoppa Church in Hubballi. In this case, the Bajrang Dal activists allege that Somu, the priest of the church, is forcibly getting the conversion done. This was done in protest. On the other hand, the other side alleges that all the allegations are baseless. They say that people belonging to Bajrang Dal forcibly entered the church and beat up our people.

It is being told that after the incident, Pastor Somu and some of his associates suffered minor injuries, after which they were admitted to the hospital.


According to NDTV, a case has been registered against the priest and some people for hurting religious sentiments. Some have also been arrested in this case. At the same time, church officials said that they lodged a complaint in this matter on Monday. Police officials say that investigation is on in the matter. Now pastor Somu Somu has been arrested in the case. But no complaint has been filed by the church.

At the same time, Bajrang Dal’s state convener Raghu Sakleshpora said, “A person named Vishwanath was taken to the church for conversion. He went to the police station and filed a complaint against Pastor Somu and others. After that our members gathered inside the church. happened.” He says we did nothing wrong. However, church officials have denied any conversion attempts by him.



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