Karnataka: 4 youths arrested after traveling in a bus with a girl of other religion, beaten with youth, stabbed with knife


A 23-year-old youth was brutally beaten and stabbed with a knife while traveling with a girl of another religion in Karnataka. Now the police have arrested 4 people in this case. The case is about a bus going from Mangalore to Bangalore. Mangaluru Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar informed about the arrest of the accused.

According to the news, the victim youth and the woman were traveling by bus on 1 April. The bus was stopped around 9:30 pm and both were lowered. There is also a young woman-childmate. The young man was beaten after getting down from the bus and was also hurt when the girl tried to save him.

According to police, four people came by car and stopped the bus. Beaten the boy and stabbed him in the back. The victim is hospitalized and his condition is stable.

Police said that the girl was going to Bangalore and her friend was going to help her. They both study in the same class. The girl told the police that she had known the victim for the past several years. In this case, the police have registered a case of attempt to murder against the accused. A special team led by ACP has been formed to investigate the matter.




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