‘Kareena Kapoor’s car’ was found in the convoy of the smuggler, this ‘Naturvarlal’ used to cheat by showing contact with big faces


The Crime Branch of Kerala Police on Thursday sought the help of the Archaeological Survey of India to investigate antiquities found from the house of a smuggler Mavunkal. A luxury car has also been found from the smuggler’s house which is registered in the name of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor.

Mavunkal was arrested last Sunday. At least 14 cases are registered against him in different police stations in Kerala. The accused, who was close to several senior police officers and politicians, allegedly cheated in the name of ‘antiques’ and the upcoming International Art Museum, taking advantage of his contacts with powerful people.

The Porsche Boxster lying in the Cherthala Police Station (Alappuzha) for almost a year is in the name of Kareena Kapoor and the registration certificate has the father’s name as Randhir Kapoor and the address of Bandra (Mumbai) is recorded. A motor van department official said the 2007 model vehicle was recovered by the police in a fraud case registered by a businessman last year and the car may have been found by him from a dealer selling used cars. Kareena could not be reached for comment on this.


Around 30 cars have been recovered from the house of the accused, most of them luxury. It is being told that he has bought them from the seller of old cars. Her former driver A Ajith said that apart from antiques, he collected luxury cars from different parts of the country and used to put them in front of his house to attract influential people.

Ajith said, “With the convoy of cars, he attracted many people from the cinema industry as well. He also allegedly cheated a luxury car dealer after buying 8 expensive cars. When the dealer approached him for payment, he threatened the police using his contacts.” Many times he would also say that it was gifted to him by film stars.

Crime branch head S Sreejith said, “We have contacted his SI to find out about the artefacts found from his house. We have registered three new cases in Kochi and will check his degree and other details soon. Forest officials, who confiscated the ivory products from his house, later confirmed that they were fake.


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