Kangana was all-rounded by her statement of ‘freedom in begging’, BJP leader also demanded judicial action


The troubles of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, surrounded by her statement of ‘begging in freedom’, are increasing continuously. Along with a leader of Delhi BJP, people from different political parties and descendants of freedom fighters have opened a front against Kangana. Along with this, there is a demand to take back the Padma Shri award from him.

Delhi BJP leader Praveen Shankar Kapoor also slammed actress Kangana for her remarks about the country’s independence and demanded judicial action against her. A Delhi BJP spokesperson said Kangana’s remarks were “an insult to freedom fighters”.

He tweeted on Thursday that being the son of a freedom fighter and coming from a family of freedom fighters, Kangana Ranaut calling India’s independence a begging freedom, I find it the biggest abuse of freedom and an insult to the sacrifice of freedom fighters. . However, he told PTI on Friday that he has made this tweet in a personal capacity.

It is worth mentioning that Ranaut on Thursday created a controversy by saying that India got real independence in the year 2014 when the government came under the leadership of Narendra Modi. He had termed the country’s independence in the year 1947 as ‘begging’.


Padma Shri award should be withdrawn from Kangana

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition in Haryana Assembly Bhupinder Singh Hooda today demanded that the Padma Shri award be withdrawn from actress Kangana Ranaut. Though Hooda did not name Kangana in his statement, he strongly criticized the actress’s recent statement about the country’s independence. He said that no one can be allowed to insult the freedom and freedom fighters of the country. The Padma award given to the actress who humiliated the sacrifice of our great freedom fighters during the freedom struggle should also be withdrawn. The Congress leader said that our country got freedom after years of struggle and countless sacrifices. Those who think that the country has got freedom in begging, they have probably never even read about the freedom movement.

Kangana’s effigy burnt

Descendants of freedom fighters burnt an effigy of the actress in Indore, Madhya Pradesh today, expressing outrage over the controversial statement of film actress Kangana Ranaut that the country got freedom in ‘begging’. During this, he also raised slogans like “Insult to the brave martyrs, Nahi Sahega Hindustan”, “Kangana Ranaut Murdabad” and “Kangna Ranaut out of the country”. The protesting descendants of freedom fighters said that Kangana has hurt the people of the entire country by saying that India will get freedom by begging. He should apologize to the country for his shameful statement.


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