Jay’s husband was eating dosa of the girlfriends in the car, then the wife came and then ..


An incident has come to light from Banda in Uttar Pradesh which is making a lot of headlines. Here a J finds it expensive to feed his girlfriend Dosa.

In Banar UP, Jay Swami is eating dosa inside the car with his girlfriend in a red throat

JAK had to feed his girlfriend Dosha inside the car, and …


  • An incident is spreading in Banda, Uttar Pradesh
  • Here a J his girlfriend had to feed Dosha heavily, the wife was caught red handed
  • The case reaches the police, warns and leaves both parties

Tied: An incident of love affair has come to light in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh which surprised everyone. Here it was irresistible for a woman to hide from her wife and feed her girlfriends. The matter became so bad that the matter reached the police station and the police had to intervene. As soon as people found out about this news, the incident started making headlines on social media


Jay secretly came to meet his girlfriend

In fact, Anand Bishwakarma, a junior engineer (Jay) at Banda State Construction Corporation, used to secretly feed his girlfriend in a car on Tuesday evening, and this time someone told his wife, what was there? ? What was expected was that the wife appeared at the scene with her brother and was caught inside the car with two red hands. Zia’s senses flew as soon as he saw his wife and sister-in-law in front of him. There was a lot of noise after that and someone reported it to the police. The police rushed to the police station.

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The wife complained against her husband that he had illicit relations with many women and also flirted with other women. The wife said that her husband repeatedly threatened to divorce her if she protested. After listening to both of them, the police somehow managed to convince the woman and sent her home, while the accused Jay could not give any kind of satisfactory answer, which the police gave a warning.


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