Jammu and Kashmir: ‘White collar jihadi’ targeted by security forces, told more dangerous than terrorists with guns


These days the Jammu and Kashmir Police is busy attacking cyber terrorists ie ‘white collar jihadis’, because they are being described as more dangerous than terrorists. Officials say they remain anonymous and can do great harm to youth by brainwashing them.

According to the assessment provided by Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh, senior army officers and officials attached to security establishments, there are apprehensions that these white-collar jihadis may instigate communal riots or some youth through fake news on social media. while they themselves lead a life of comfort in a distant land.

The battlefield is new, conventional weapons and encounters in the jungles have now been replaced by computers, smartphones and they can fight from any place, whether living in Kashmir or outside, sitting in the comfort of their home or from the street or From a cyber cafe then from any roadside as per convenience.


A senior army officer described them as “white collar jihadis” who mislead the youth or the general public by lying on social media and converting situations to those of separatists or terrorists. J&K Police has recently arrested 5 ‘white collar jihadis’ who were running a false propaganda campaign about the sovereignty of the country. According to the police, they were asked to prepare a hit list of government officials, journalists, social workers, lawyers and political functionaries to instil fear among the people.

The DGP said, “A cyber terrorist is actually more dangerous than a real terrorist because he is hidden and he is completely anonymous. It remains unknown until you get accurate information. It is difficult to gather such information and find out who is actually using an identity in the virtual world. People take advantage of this in the cyber world and hence they indulge in such activities.

Singh insists on curbing cyber terrorists, as he believes that they are the most dangerous terrorists, as they are not visible, but they cause a lot of damage and pollute the minds of a large number of youth. He says that these people are responsible for recruitment.


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