It is necessary to protect children from Deshkorona, to awaken the Modi government’s system from sleep: Rahul Gandhi


Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has said that a third wave of corona is being predicted in the country and in view of this, there is a dire need to take adequate measures to save the children from the epidemic in time. Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday questioned the government’s policy of dealing with the corona, saying that in order to keep children safe from the epidemic, it is necessary to wake the Modi government from sleep so that timely treatment can be ensured. He tweeted, ‘Measures will need to be taken to keep children safe from corona in times to come. Pediatric services and vaccination-treatment measures should be in place to deal with the situation in advance. It is necessary for the future of India that it should be shaken to sleep in order to repair the present ‘Modi system’.

Earlier on Monday too, Rahul Gandhi accused the government of failing to deal with the Corona crisis. Rahul Gandhi wrote, ‘The Modi government has not only failed to deal with the Corona crisis but has also failed to stand up with the people. There are many personal stories in which people have shown bravery and have come forward to help people. ‘ We salute those who are ready to serve others, who have shown the world what the real identity of India is. Even before this, Rahul Gandhi has targeted the central government many times over vaccination.

Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand Congress has put a poster on its office in Dehradun, targeting the Modi government. In this poster, there has been a question from the Congress that why the Central Government exported Corona vaccine outside the country. The poster posted by state Congress president Pritam Singh reads, ‘Modi ji, why have you sent our children’s vaccine abroad?’ Talking about the poster, a Congress said that why the people of India are not getting the Corona vaccine? The only answer is that the government sent large quantities of vaccines abroad.




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