ISI, in order to infiltrate Taliban fighters in Kashmir, gave every step detail and training


Taliban fighters may become a new threat in Kashmir. Their presence on the borders with Kashmir was noticed only a few months back. At that time also the agencies were alerted. Now after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, security agencies are very cautious that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI can infiltrate Taliban fighters into Kashmir in return for the help given to the Taliban.

Sources associated with security agencies say that what could be the impact of the current situation in Afghanistan on Kashmir, it is being assessed on the basis of inputs received from various sources. The biggest concern is that Taliban fighters should not be able to infiltrate into Kashmir. Because it is certain from many intelligence inputs that the ISI has given help to the Taliban fighters and they also want to take their help. India has shared this concern with many countries of the world on the basis of concrete inputs.


Sources say that a group of Taliban fighters have been trained by the ISI for fighting in Kashmir. They are being given information about the geographical condition and maps etc. of the valley for the last several months. Sources said the security forces consider the Taliban more dangerous fighters. Jaish-e-Mohammed has helped Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and in return they seek their help in Kashmir. This has not happened suddenly, but preparations are going on for the last one year. Last year, security forces were put on special alert after they witnessed the movement of about two dozen Taliban fighters along the border.

Intelligence sources said that even before the capture of Taliban, Afghan agencies along with Indian agencies had detected the dangerous plan of Jaish and Taliban. But this alliance has become more dangerous after the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan. According to sources, the security forces are fully prepared on the border. High level of vigilance is being taken to prevent infiltration. Experts say that terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, which are stationed in the border area of ​​Pakistan-Afghanistan, can make their base in the entire region with the arrival of Taliban. Also, the terrorists who are already present, their efforts to infiltrate into Kashmir will intensify.


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