Is the third wave of Kovid-19 coming? Seasonal flu cases among children rise in Delhi hospitals amid fears


Amid the fear of a possible third wave of Kovid-19, cases of seasonal flu among children are seen increasing rapidly in various hospitals of the capital Delhi and some are in need of admission.

In a recent meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), experts had said that flu and corona virus infection have similar symptoms, so the Delhi government should conduct a large-scale investigation to prevent the spread of covid in this flu season. should continue.

Medical Superintendent of Chacha Nehru Children’s Hospital, Dr. B.L. Sherwal said that there has been a nearly three-fold increase in the number of children coming to the OPD. Dr. Sherwal said that earlier we used to see 500-600 patients and this time 1700-1800 cases are coming in OPD. This has happened due to heavy rainfall this time and this trend is continuing since early September.

Doctors at PSRI said that 70 per cent of the children coming to the OPD have flu-like symptoms. Dwarka’s Aakash Healthcare also said that 50-60 cases of viral fever are coming to its OPD daily.

Dr. Sarita Sharma, Pediatrician (Pediatrician) of PSRI said that for three to four days, children with symptoms of fever from 102 to 103 degrees are reaching. He said that viral diseases like Dengue, Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, Hepatitis are creating diagnostic dilemma and there is also fear of COVID-19.


Dr. Meena J, Pediatrician, Aakash Healthcare said that the cases of fever with vomiting, chills and phlegm have increased rapidly. He said that especially babies up to one year of age are showing severe symptoms and some of them have to be admitted. For many, the fever goes up to 103-104 degrees and even after giving medicine many times, the fever does not come down.

He said that we are also giving more and more fluids, treatment like oxygen therapy. He advised people to avoid crowded places, cover nose and mouth while sneezing, wash hands frequently and keep children away from people suffering from cold or fever. He said that the viral infection can be passed from adults to children. If your child has a high viral fever and is taking less oral intake, you should take the child to the hospital.

Dr. Meena said that apart from viral flu, this time the outbreak of dengue is also being seen in children. We are seeing three to five positive cases of dengue in children every day for almost two weeks.



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