Is the second wave of Corona on Deshradan? Reduction of one lakh each in new infections and active cases


The new daily infections of the corona continue to have a declining trend for the ninth consecutive day. Since May 7, corona daily infections have decreased by more than one lakh. Similarly, active cases have also decreased by more than one lakh. According to data from the Union Health Ministry, 3,11,170 new cases of corona have been registered on Sunday. The maximum number of cases were reported on May 7 and the figure was recorded at 4,14,915. But in these nine days it has decreased by a record 1,03,745. This decline has been recorded in a very short time.

A second positive sign, along with a decrease in daily infections, is that health workers are also growing rapidly. There were five days in the last six days when new infections were going to be healthier. With this, the number of active patients is now decreasing. On Sunday, a record 55344 active patients have been reduced. As on May 10, the total number of active corona patients in the country was 3745237. This number is the highest ever. But on May 16, the number of active patients has come down to 3618458. It has decreased to 1,26,779 within six days. The decrease in the number of active patients along with new infections is another positive trend. The fewer active patients, the more likely they are to get better treatment.

Decreased active patients in ten states

According to the Ministry of Health, active patients are rapidly decreasing in the ten states most affected by corona. These include Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Haryana.

Eight states are raising concern

But active patients are growing rapidly in 8 states. These states are raising concern. These include Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Assam, Odisha, Tripura and Uttarakhand.

Correction: The first time in 25 days, the lowest number of patients found in a day

Reduction in new cases of corona virus has shown signs of relief. The country received the lowest 3.11 lakh cases of infection a day after 25 days. With this, the total infection cases reached 2,46,84,077. On April 20, there were 2,94,378 new cases.

Such decline in daily infections:

April 20: 2,94,378
23 April: 3,45,296
April 26: 3,19,471
April 29: 3,86,773
02 May: 3,70,090
May 05: 4,12,624
May 08: 4,03,808
May 11: 3,48,555
May 14: 3,26,256
May 15: 3,11,170


Sukh: infection rate fell to 16.98 percent

There has also been a big reduction in the daily infection rate in the country. The infection rate fell to 16.98 percent during the last 24 hours. Whereas on May 5, it had reached around 25 percent. The number of people recovering from this epidemic has increased to 2,07,95,335. While the death rate was recorded at 1.09 percent.

Crisis: 4,077 people killed.

The death of 4,077 more people from Corona during the last 24 hours has raised concerns. So far, a total of 2,70,284 deaths have been reported from Corona. Maharashtra has the highest number of 960 people, Karnataka of 349 people, Delhi of 337 people, Tamil Nadu of 303, Uttar Pradesh of 281, Uttarakhand of Punjab 197 of 216, Rajasthan of 149, Haryana and West Bengal of 144-144 people and 129 people. Death occurred in Chhattisgarh.

Highest infection cases in Karnataka

Karnataka reported the highest number of 41,664 new corona infections during the last 24 hours. This was followed by 34,848 new cases in Maharashtra and 33658 in Tamil Nadu.

74.7% of new cases occurred in these 10 states

Karnataka: 41,664
Maharashtra: 34,848
Tamil Nadu: 33,658
Kerala: 32,680
Andhra Pradesh: 22,517
West Bengal: 19,511
Rajasthan: 13,575
UP: 12,513
Odisha: 11,805
Haryana: 9,676

18.22 crore people vaccinated in the country

During the session 26,55,003 till 7 am on Sunday, 18,22,20,164 people were given vaccine doses in the country. The Health Ministry said that 66.76 percent doses have been given in 10 states under the vaccination campaign. These include Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. During the last 24 hours, 5,62,130 doses were given in the 18–44 age group. The ministry said that more than 17 lakh doses were given during the last 24 hours. 17,33,232 doses were given on the 120th day of the vaccination campaign (on 15 May). In a total of 16,027 sessions, 11,30,928 people were given the first dose and 6,02,304 people were given the second dose.


Is the second wave of Corona on Deshradan?  Reduction of one lakh each in new infections and active cases
Is the second wave of Corona on Deshradan? Reduction of one lakh each in new infections and active cases
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