International travelers will not have to stay in quarantine from today in India, new guidelines apply


India has issued new guidelines for international travelers. Under which travelers from fully vaccinated countries will not have to stay in quarantine whose vaccines have been approved by the World Health Organization. Now these passengers will need to be in quarantine. However, they will have to submit the report of a Kovid-19 RT-PCR test.

The impact of the Kovid-19 pandemic is steadily decreasing, the ministry said, with some regional changes showing a decline. The ever-changing nature of the virus and the need to monitor the development of SARS-coV-2 variants that are a cause for concern should still be kept in mind.”

1. Those passengers who are partially vaccinated or who are not vaccinated, such passengers will have to give samples for corona test after which they will be allowed to go out of the airport. Will have to stay in home quarantine for seven days. If the report comes negative after getting the double test done, then they will have to monitor their health for seven days.

2. In the new guidelines, protocols have been given for passengers as well as passengers standing at entry points.

3. The ministry has said that these guidelines will be implemented from Monday. The ministry said that this document will be reviewed from time to time based on the risk assessment.


4. As per the guidelines, while planning the journey, all passengers will have to submit a self-declaration form on the online air facility portal and upload a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report before the scheduled journey. This test must be done 72 hours before starting the journey.

5. The guidelines state that except for countries at risk, passengers from countries with which there is a reciprocal arrangement for mutual acceptance of WHO approved COVID-19 vaccines will be allowed to leave the airport and on arrival. These passengers will have to self-monitor their health for 14 days.

6. If a passenger in home quarantine shows symptoms of corona or if he is found to be corona positive, he will be asked to be home quarantined immediately and report to his nearest health facility or national helpline number (1075 ) or call the state helpline number.



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