Industry can wait for oxygen, but not patient, Center rebuked by Delhi High Court


Lack of oxygen is a serious issue in hospitals among the continuing corona infections in the country. Many hospitals in many cities, including the national capital Delhi, are facing a lack of oxygen. While hearing a case related to this, the Delhi High Court has reprimanded the Central Government. The court said on Tuesday that adequate supplies of oxygen were not being provided to the patients of Kovid-19 in the national capital. The court questioned the central government whether it could reduce the oxygen supply of industries and provide them to patients.

A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli told the central government, “Industries can wait.” Not patient. Human life is in danger. ”The bench said that it has heard that the doctors at the Ganga Ram Hospital are forced to reduce the oxygen given to the patients of Kovid-19 as there is a shortage of life-saving gas.

The court questioned advocate Monika Arora of the Central Government, “What are the industries whose oxygen supply cannot be reduced?” The bench also asked Arora to provide information that the patients of Kovid-19 What can be done to get sufficient supply of oxygen.

Along with giving this instruction, the court asked for a hearing again after lunch. Let me tell you that on April 19, a petition filed in connection with Kovid-19 was being heard, in reference to that, he gave these instructions.

Delhi Police built a green corridor to transport oxygen tankers to the hospital


The Delhi Police built a green corridor for two tankers carrying 19,500 liters of liquid oxygen at Kovid Hospital located in Paschim Vihar in outer Delhi, off the Uttar Pradesh and Haryana border. Officials said that these tankers were required to reach the Sri Action Balaji Hospital as there was a shortage of available oxygen in the hospital but these tankers got stuck in traffic jams.

He said that the police received information about this at around 11:30 pm on Monday night and immediately sent teams on the spot to arrange for the tankers to reach the destination in a smooth manner. Dr.Sunil Sambil, Medical Superintendent of the hospital thanked the Delhi Police.

He said, “The oxygen level in the hospital was very low and the vehicles carrying liquid oxygen got stuck in traffic jams. We immediately informed the police about this and they sent their teams there. He built the Green Corridor, due to which both vehicles arrived on time. ”



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