India’s major achievement in vaccination, the fastest vaccine in the world


The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Wednesday that about 30,93,861 vaccine doses are being given daily in India. With this, India has become the fastest vaccinating country in the world. According to the ministry, 8.70 crore doses of corona vaccine have been administered so far in the country. Over 33 lakh vaccines have been given in the last 24 hours.


Let us tell you that on April 6, a total of 33,37,601 doses of the vaccine were given. Out of these, 30,08,087 beneficiaries were given the vaccine as the first dose. Also, 3,29,514 beneficiaries were given the second dose of the vaccine.

According to the ministry, “So far 8,70,77,474 doses of the vaccine have been given to the people. For this, 13,32,130 sessions have been organized.”

Highest ever reported cases of corona in the country

More than 1.15 lakh new cases of corona virus infection have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours and these are the highest daily cases of infection since the onset of the global epidemic. The total number of infected in the country has increased to 1,28,01,785. The Health Ministry said on Wednesday that it has happened for the second time in three days, when more than one lakh cases of Korana virus infection have been reported in a day.

According to the data updated by the ministry at eight o’clock in the morning, 1,15,736 cases were reported in the last 24 hours and the death toll rose to 1,66,177 with the death of 630 more patients. The number of patients undergoing treatment has also increased to 8,43,473, which is 6.59 percent of total infection cases due to increase in the number of infections on the 28th consecutive day in the country. At the same time, the rate of recovery of people has also fallen to 92.11 percent.

The lowest number of under-treated patients in the country was on 12 February. The number stood at 1,35,926 in the country on 12 February, which was 1.25 percent of the total cases of infection. According to the data, 1,17,92,135 people have been cured of the infection so far, while the death rate has fallen to 1.30 percent.

On August 7 last year, the number of infected people in the country was 20 lakh, on 23 August 30 million and on 5 September more than 40 lakh. The total cases of infection were 50 lakh on 16 September, 60 lakh on 28 September, 70 lakh on 11 October, 80 lakh on 29 October, 90 lakh on 20 November and on 19 December, these cases had crossed one crore.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), 25,14,39,598 samples were tested on Kovid-19 till April 6 in the country. Of these, 12,08,339 samples were tested on Tuesday. 630 more people died due to infection in the country. Of these, 297 died in Maharashtra, 61 in Punjab, 53 in Chhattisgarh, 39 in Karnataka, 39 in Uttar Pradesh, 18 in Madhya Pradesh, 17-17 in Delhi and Gujarat, 15 in Tamil Nadu, 14 in Kerala and 13 in Rajasthan. gave.

There have been a total of 1,66,177 cases of death due to infection. Of these, 56,330 in Maharashtra, 12,804 in Tamil Nadu, 12,696 in Karnataka, 11,113 in Delhi, 10,355 in West Bengal, 8,924 in Uttar Pradesh, 7,251 in Andhra Pradesh and 7,216 in Punjab have died. The Ministry of Health stated that more than 70 percent of the patients who had died so far had other diseases.


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