India’s dominance, Modi-Biden meeting gave a message not only to Pakistan but also to China


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Biden’s meeting is a clear message to both China and Pakistan. At the same time, there is also an indication of India’s bigger role in the Indo-Pacific region in the coming days. The direction and outcome of PM Modi’s visit were scripted in a meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris before meeting Biden. The Foreign Secretary said that Vice President Harris sent a spontaneous, strong message to Pakistan on terrorism. This shows that India and the US have the same concern about the current situation in Afghanistan and the threats posed by the Taliban occupation.

Discussion about China: Experts say that Pakistan has received a strong message on terrorism and radicalization, then PM Modi has had a detailed discussion with the leadership of America, Australia and Japan on the threats arising from China. The concerns of these countries are common on China’s arbitrary attitude, especially in the Indian Pacific region and the South China Sea. The apprehensions about the Ocus have also been allayed in the bilateral meetings. Sources said, the Australian Prime Minister has told PM Modi how the objective of the Ocus is different and it will act as a complement to the objective of the Quad. Significantly, Australia, the UK and the US are included in the Ocus. While the quad has India, USA, Australia and Japan. China is furious with both the alliances.

Afghanistan issue shadow: The issue of Afghanistan has dominated PM Modi’s bilateral meetings. India’s concern is increasing after the capture of the terrorist organization Taliban in Afghanistan. India has shared this concern in the meeting with all the leaders. At the same time, the world community has been requested to make a strategy by being aware of the dangers of terrorism and extremism.

Sino-Pak’s support to Taliban: Sources said that India has also told that how the Taliban is getting the support of China and Pakistan, it can increase the problems of the world not only for India. America has also accepted this stand of India. Sources said, the US leadership has also pointed to China’s threats and assured that they are ready to play a role to deal with it. In the coming days, the role of Quad and Ocus will also increase in this context.


Discussion on supply chain: On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with the American business CEO is being seen as a link to the increasing efforts towards India’s supply chain and new opportunities for trade and investment. India has the support of the Quad countries as an alternative to the supply chain. India has told the countries concerned that it is creating a conducive environment for strengthening the supply chain through domestic reforms.

Focus on stopping China’s growing power: Sources said, the entire focus of India and America is on stopping the growing power of China. America knows that this is not possible without India’s cooperation. In such a situation, the India-US partnership against expansionism and terrorism will reach a new height.

Discuss these points:

1- India-US Global Partnership
2. Strengthening Bilateral Trade and Investment Relations
3. Strengthening Defense and Security Cooperation
4. Promoting Strategic Clean Energy Partnership
5. Common Strategy Against Terrorism, Extremism
6. Thoughts on how to stop cross border terrorism
7. Strategy to deal with the Afghanistan crisis
8. Rein in China’s expansionism
9. Climate Change
10. UN Reform


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