India’s bumper lottery in UAE, won more than 23 crores from tickets bought with friends

Big Ticket Draw : Abu Mohammed, an Indian expatriate living in the UAE, was trying his luck for the past one year. He was participating in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw. Finally, last Friday, his fate took a turn.


  • The fate of Abu Mohammed, an Indian expat living in the UAE, changed overnight
  • Abu Mohammed, who has been trying for a year, won crores of rupees in the Big Ticket draw
  • After winning the ticket bought together with friends, where will you share the prize?

Abu Dhabi
The fortunes of an Indian expatriate living in the UAE shone overnight. Abu Mohammed, an Indian expatriot based in Ras Al Khaimah, has won a Dh12 million prize in the Big Ticket draw held in Abu Dhabi on Saturday. According to Indian currency, this amount was about 23 crore 84 lakhs. Mohamed had bought the ticket with four of his associates and will now share the prize as well.

Will share rewards with friends
The ticket number that Mohammad has won was 027700 and it was bought on 30th August. Big Ticket Dr is held in Abu Dhabi on the 3rd of every month. When host Richard announced the winner, it was as if Mohammed was already up for it. He got excited on hearing the announcement of his victory and told that he had bought this ticket with four of his associates and now he will share this victory with all four.

Trying luck for a year
Mohamed, an Indian, lives in Ras Al Khaimah with his wife, mother and two daughters. He works as an Operations Coordinator in a shipping company. He has been participating in Big Ticket draws along with his colleagues for over a year now. Earlier last month, Sanoop Sunil, who hails from India, won Dh15 million. This amount was more than 30 crores.

Indians won crores last month
Sunil had bought the winning ticket number 183947 on 13th July. Richard of Big Ticket called Sunil several times but Sunil did not get the call. After several attempts, his phone rang but after connecting for only a few seconds, it got disconnected. Richard told Sunil over the phone that he had won the jackpot but there was no response from the other side.


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