India’s air is worse than Pakistan’s, who is more at risk by breathing in poisonous air, understand the whole thing


The nanny of India, who is called the future of the country, is forced to breathe poisonous air. India ranks 168th behind in the air quality of 180 countries of the world. According to the Global Environmental Performance Index-21, the air is slightly better in neighboring countries Sri Lanka (109), Pakistan (142), Nepal (145) and Bangladesh (162). UNICEF and WHO say that because the body of children is not fully developed, polluted particles attack their body the most.

Children’s lungs will become weak when they are young

According to the World Health Organization, if a child is breathing high levels of air pollution for a long period of time, their lungs will not be able to function properly until they are young. Weak lungs can lead to asthma in these children by the time they are teenagers or young. According to UNICEF, every year 1.30 lakh children under the age of five die from bad air across South Asia, including India.

Children at higher risk due to rapid breathing

UNICEF said in its recent report that children breathe faster than adults. An adult breathes 12 to 18 times in a minute while children 20 to 30 times. Newborn babies breathe 30 to 40 times in a minute. Due to which the polluted particles reach two to three times more in their body. That is, children are facing a greater risk than adults.

Effect on the whole body of children

The 2.5 level of particulate matter or PM refers to tiny air pollutants of extremely small (2.5 microns) size that reach the depths of children’s lungs through inhalation. Then these polluted particles from the lungs go into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body which causes many dangerous diseases.
Lungs: At the age of development, the lungs of children are not able to develop with such air, lung cancer is also possible.
Eyes: In addition to red, dry, burning or watery eyes in children, they may also have vision impairment.


Brain: These particles can also enter the brain of children due to lack of proper blood flow and brain preparation.

57 thousand died due to bad air in Delhi

According to the report of Greenpeace, an organization working on environmental issues, despite the Corona lockdown, 57 thousand people died prematurely due to air pollution in Delhi in the year 2020.

India’s air is very bad compared to big countries

According to the Global Environmental Performance Index-21 report, India is 168th in the list of 180 countries followed by small and underdeveloped countries like Haiti, Chad, Burundi, Myanmar and Afghanistan. Large countries of the world like China (120), Saudi Arabia (90), Russia (58), Israel (29) and America (24) etc.

5.2 times more pollution in India

India’s PM 2.5 concentration is 5.2 times higher than the WHO’s annual air quality guideline. That is, we are breathing in air quality that is more than five times worse than the norm.


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