Indian Americans hold 20 positions in the Biden administration, including 13 women


Among Indian Americans, 17 will hold key positions in the powerful White House. Indian Americans make up one percent of the total American population.

The newly elected President of the United States Joe Biden (Joe Biden Administration) has nominated 20 Indian Americans, including 13 women, for key positions in the administration. Inside Indian Americans (Indian American) 17 of them will hold important positions in the powerful White House. Indian Americans make up one percent of the total American population.

For the first time, such a large number of people will be recruited from any small but influential community in the American administration. Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20. On this day, Kamala Harris of Indian descent pledges to take over as the country’s first female vice president. Harris will also be the first African-American to do so, the first time such a large number of Indian-Americans have been nominated for the US presidential administration before the swearing-in ceremony.

At the top of this list are Nira Tandon and Dr. Vivek Murthy. Nira Tandon has nominated Dr. Murthy as director of the White House Office of Management and Budget in the Biden administration and as U.S. Surgeon General. Vanita Gupta has been nominated as Assistant Attorney General of the Ministry of Law. Biden appointed Ujra Zia, a former Foreign Service officer, as Under Secretary of State for Civil Defense, Democracy and Human Rights. MR Rangaswamy, founder of IndiaSpora, said the dedication to public service of the Indo-American community has been recognized over the past several years. Especially the number of women is high

Mala Adiga has been appointed as the digital director of the office of the first female doctor Jill Biden and Garima Verma’s first wife, and Sabrina Singh has been appointed as her deputy prime minister. For the first time in the White House, two Indian-Americans, originally from Kashmir, have been given seats. Among them, Ayesha Shah has been nominated as the ‘Partnership Manager’ for Digital Strategy at the White House and Samira Fazli as the Deputy Director of the US National Economic Council at the White House. Another Indian-American, Bharat Rammurthy, has been appointed deputy director of the White House National Economic Council. Gautam Raghawan has been made Deputy Director in the Office of the Presidential Staff at the White House.

Binoy Reddy has been nominated as the speech director of Biden. Vedanta Patel will be the Assistant Press Minister to the President. Three Indian-Americans have been nominated to the White House National Security Council. Young Chhabra has been appointed Senior Director of Technology and National Security, Sumona Guha has been appointed Senior Director of South Asia and Shanti Kalthil has been appointed Coordinator of Democracy and Human Rights.



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The White House has nominated Bidur Sharma as Senior Adviser on Environmental Policy and Innovation in the Office of Domestic Environmental Policy and Policy Advisor to the White House CVD-19 Action Team. Two Indian-American women have been appointed to the White House Advisory Office. Neha Gupta has been appointed as Associate Councilor and Rima Shah as Deputy Associate Councilor.

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Three more South Asians have been nominated for key positions in the White House for the first time. Ali Zaidi, a Pakistani-American, has been appointed White House Deputy National Climate Adviser, Rohini Kosoglu, an American from Sri Lanka, has been appointed Policy Adviser to the Vice President, and Joyan Siddiqui has been appointed Senior Adviser to the White House Deputy Chief of Staff.


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