India will take part in talks with Taliban


India has also agreed to participate in an international meeting on the Taliban in Moscow on October 20. The Taliban will also participate in the meeting and talks are likely to be held to find a solution to the crises in Afghanistan. 11 countries will participate in this round of “Moscow format” talks to be hosted by Russia. Russia had also sent an invitation to India to participate in it, which India has accepted. Russia has said that at this meeting the international community will try to convince a Taliban delegation that it should form a more inclusive government in Afghanistan. India and the Taliban The Moscow format was introduced in 2017 and then included only six countries – Russia, Afghanistan, India, Iran, China and Pakistan. In 2018, Russia had also invited the Taliban to talks in this format and even then India participated in that talks at an “informal level”. India has so far not given any indication of any cooperation with the Taliban. India also evacuated its embassies and consulates in Afghanistan and brought the staff back to India

Before the Taliban formed the government in Afghanistan, on August 31, India’s ambassador to Qatar, Deepak Mittal, held talks with Taliban representatives in the capital, Doha. But after that, when the Taliban government was formed, India had expressed its disapproval about it. Threat of Terrorism Prime Minister Narendra Modi had clearly said that the government formed by the Taliban is not inclusive. The meeting in Moscow will be the first meeting between India and the Taliban since the formation of the Taliban government. This week, an extraordinary meeting of the G20 countries on Afghanistan was also held in which Modi said that Afghanistan needed an “inclusive government” and “uninterrupted philanthropic support”. He also said that there is a need to ensure that “the land of Afghanistan does not become a source of extremism and terrorism”. Russia is playing a very active role in the future of Afghanistan. It has not yet recognized the Taliban government but has kept its embassy in Afghanistan open. It has also created a separate mechanism for discussions on Afghanistan with the US, China and Pakistan and has not included India in it.




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