India will soon get anti-Covid pill, DCGI is reviewing the data


India is about to get another new weapon in the fight against Corona. The Drug Controller General of India is reviewing the data on the Gi pill of Corona, Molnupirvir. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries said it is fully prepared to introduce Merck Sharp Dohme (MSD) and Ridgeback’s mollupiravir under the brand name of molxvir. This drug of corona This medicine will be for those adults who have severe symptoms of corona or who are at risk of hospitalization. The drug has already been approved in the UK.

This drug may soon get approval for emergency use in India. Sun Pharma is one of the Indian companies with which Merck has entered into voluntary licensing agreements. Let us tell you that America is also reviewing the data of molnupiravir.


Who can take this pill? Adults who are at risk of covid can take this pill to avoid severe symptoms or hospitalization. However, experts warn that anti-Covid pills are not meant to replace vaccines. The pill can be taken within the first few days after symptoms of covid appear.

Merck’s antiviral drug Molnupiravir will be approved for emergency use in a few days to treat patients with mild to moderate symptoms of corona. Based on participants with available viral sequencing data (approximately 40 per cent of participants), molnupiravir has shown its effect on viral variants such as gamma, delta and mu.


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