India will give a big weapon in the war with Corona, ‘Made in India’ Anti Kovid Pills will come soon


Now the country is going to get a new weapon in India’s fight against Corona. It is a pill that will be given to corona patients and will reduce their risk of hospitalization and death. Merck’s antiviral drug Molnupiravir will be approved for emergency use in a few days to treat patients with mild to moderate symptoms of corona. Dr Ram Vishwakarma, President, Kovid Strategy Group, CSIR, said that this drug will be for adults who have severe symptoms of corona or who are at risk of hospitalization.

Dr Ram Vishwakarma, President, Kovid Strategy Group, CSIR, told NDTV that it may take some time for Pfizer’s pill Paxlovid. He told that the arrival of two medicines will have a great effect. He told that it will be more effective than vaccination in fighting the epidemic.

He said that I think Molmnupirvir will be available soon. There are five such companies that are working closely with the drug manufacturer. I think that in such a situation, we can get permission to use it at any time.


At the same time, Pfizer said in a statement that their drug Paxlovid reduces the risk of hospitalization or death in comorbid patients by 89 percent.

Merck has already contracted with five companies and just as Merck has licensed this to several companies, Pfizer will do the same as Pfizer will have to use Indian capacity to manufacture essential drugs for global use.


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