India was a Muslim nation under Congress rule, now secular under Modi rule: BJP


The BJP launched a scathing attack on the Congress on the rhetoric of Congress leaders regarding Hindutva and the controversy over Salman Khurshid’s book. BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said India was partly a “Muslim nation” when the Congress was in power, as Sharia provisions were then part of the legal system.

BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi alleged that violence in Maharashtra on false reports of targeting of mosques in Tripura, propaganda campaigns in social media and comments by Congress leaders attacking Hindutva are part of a larger conspiracy against Hinduism.

Attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, he wondered whether opposition leaders were training his party workers in Maharashtra to run an organized campaign to defame Hindutva and incite communal discord and violence. During his speech via video conferencing to Congress workers at a training camp, Rahul Gandhi had sought to differentiate between Hinduism and Hindutva.

In fact, the BJP has gone on the offensive after Congress leader Salman Khurshid compared Hindutva linked to the RSS-BJP ideology with terrorist Islamist organisations.


Trivedi said that the Congress is a symbol of the politics of appeasement and spreads hatred against Hinduism and causes riots. Noting that Shivaji’s rule was also linked to Hinduism, Trivedi said leaders like Rahul Gandhi could not understand the concept and therefore should read his party stalwarts like Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Jawaharlal Nehru.

He further said, Nehru wrote that the word ‘Hindu’ can be understood in the broader context of Indian identity and should not be seen in a narrow sense. The BJP leader said, “India was partly a Muslim nation under Congress rule. I am saying this because Sharia provisions were part of the constitutional system.”

In an apparent reference to the Rajiv Gandhi government bringing in a law to set aside the apex court’s order in the famous Shah Bano case, Trivedi said, “The Supreme Court’s decision was set aside for giving priority to Shariat provisions.” He claimed that before the Modi government came to power and with the exception of the Vajpayee government, India was partly a Muslim nation under Congress rule and now they are getting frustrated as India is now becoming truly secular.


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