India opposes Hamas rocket attack against Israel, know what


In a statement on the situation in the Middle East, India has opposed “indiscriminate rocket firing” by Hamas with the goal of harming Israeli civilians. At the same time, both countries have talked about solving the crisis through dialogue.

The Indian statement issued on May 16 by the Permanent Representative of the United Nations uses the term “retaliation” by Israel for Hamas’s action. The words have been carefully inserted as India itself has been a victim of cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistan. The fact is that India has lost one of its citizens Soumya Santosh from Kerala who was killed in indiscriminate rocket firing. “We strongly condemn all acts of violence, provocation and destruction,” the Indian statement said.

India has opposed Hamas action. At the same time, it maintains its traditional line of direct dialogue between the Israeli and Palestinian authorities. “We urge both sides to show extreme restraint, stay away from escalating tensions and avoid efforts to unilaterally change the current status quo, including East Jerusalem and its neighborhoods,” the statement said.

The statement carefully expresses the Indian position as New Delhi has close ties with both Israel and the Arab world and supports the Palestinian cause. Hamas’ action against Israel from Gaza further complicated the issue as the Sunni group has some supporters in the PLO, whose leader Mahmoud Abbas is the chairman of the Palestine and Palestine National Authority.

Israel again strikes fierce air on Gaza City

Israeli warplanes carried out grisly airstrikes at several locations in Gaza City on Monday morning. Hours earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had hinted at the thrust of the fourth war against Hamas, a militant group based on Gaza. For about 10 minutes, the north to south area of ​​the city was trembled by the explosions. A large area was heavily bombed and it was also gruesome with the airstrikes which took place 24 hours earlier, in which 42 Palestinians were killed. Prior to this recent incident of violence between Israel and the Hamas organization, Israel’s airstrikes had destroyed three buildings.

Local media reports said the security complex and open spaces on the main coastal road west of the city were targeted in Monday morning’s attack. The power distribution company said that the airstrike damaged a power line from the only plant to power large parts of southern Gaza City. However, there is no immediate information about the casualties.

Netanyahu, in a televised address on Sunday, said that Israel is continuing to attack “the whole of Dum Kham” and that it will continue for some time. He said that Hamas would have to pay a heavy price. During this time, the defense minister and political rival Benny Benny Gantz was also with him to show solidarity.



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