India is slowly moving towards herd immunity, corona cases will be less now


Regarding the status of corona cases in the country, Dr Sanjay Rai, Professor of the Department of Community Medicine of AIIMS (AIIMS) says that the country is slowly moving towards herd immunity. Due to the high spread of infection, now there is not much fluctuation in the cases of corona. In the coming time, there may be a further decrease in the cases of corona. Dr. Jugal Kishore also links the reduction in corona cases to the antibodies of corona already present in people’s bodies.

According to Dr. Rai, the infection started decreasing in the states where the cases of corona were increasing significantly some time back. Also, when the second wave of corona in the country was wreaking havoc in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, then in some states, cases were not coming so much. People had protected themselves to prevent infection. But when the lockdown was gradually opened in those states, people moved towards normalcy. Due to which the infection again reached among those people and there was an increase in the cases of corona in Kerala, North-Eastern states.

Antibodies in more than 90 percent of Delhi’s people

He told that in the Siro survey of Delhi, it has been revealed that antibodies are found in more than 90 percent of the people. Which indicates towards the formation of herd immunity among people. The reason for this is the greater spread of infection among people in the second wave. Antibodies are made inside people after being infected. He said that vaccination reduces the severity of the infection.

Professor Dr. Sanjay Rai said that this is the most appropriate time to move towards normalcy. Unnecessary restrictions cannot be kept. But monitoring is desperately needed. Until a new form of corona virus comes to the fore, the situation will remain like this. In places where the infection has not reached, there can definitely be an increase in cases in between. But there will not be a picture like the second wave of Corona.

It is a good thing that the cases are not increasing for the last few days. Delhi’s sero survey says that 97 percent of the people got antibodies fighting corona. This shows that the cases will remain low for now, although a slight effect of crowding on festivals may be visible on the infection rate in the coming few days. –Dr. Jugal Kishore, Head of the Department, Community Medicine, Safdarjung

Corona’s weekly cases lowest in eight months


New cases of corona infection in the country have been recorded on a weekly average basis after eight months. The average number of corona infected daily was recorded at 14,422 in the week ended Saturday, which is the lowest since February 25. Earlier, the average number of new cases in the week ended February 25 was 14,260.

On the basis of the last one month, the average weekly cases of new corona infected have decreased by 42 and a half percent. The average number of new corona cases in the week ended September 29 was 25,159. The number of patients under treatment in the country is 0.47 percent of the total cases of infection, which is the lowest since 25 February 2021. The number of patients under treatment increased by 221 in the last 24 hours. At present, the total number of patients treated is 1,55,281. The lower number of active cases was 1,52,866 on February 25.

Infection rate less than two percent from 26 days

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, the daily infection rate is 1.22 percent. It is less than two per cent for the last 26 days. The weekly infection rate is 1.18 percent. It is less than two per cent for the last 36 days.

14313 new cases in 24 hours

According to the Union Health Ministry, 14313 new corona infections were found in the country during 24 hours till Saturday morning, while 549 Kovid patients died. The total number of infected in the country has increased to 3,42,60,470. The death toll from Corona has also increased to 4,57,740. So far 3,36,41,175 people have become healthy in the country while the death rate is 1.34 percent.


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