India is not sitting quietly, is aware of every nature of Taliban, doing this work from behind the scenes on the Afghan crisis


India has not sat silent on the Afghanistan crisis after the Taliban capture of Kabul. He is doing his job from behind the scenes. After the attack on Kabul airport, India will increase diplomatic pressure on Taliban regarding terrorism. India is also in touch with various countries regarding the form of the new government to be formed in Afghanistan, who want the Taliban not to be recognized if it does not have an inclusive form of government. Discussions are also going on in the United Nations Security Council to convene another meeting on the issue of Afghanistan. Its purpose is also to increase diplomatic pressure on the Taliban.

Sources say that after the terrorist attack in Kabul, all the countries of the world have become alert. However, IS Khorasan has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack. But the Taliban’s position remains questionable over its ties with terrorist groups. It is clear from the inputs of Indian agencies that all terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan have nexus with Taliban fighters. They get protection and nutrition from Pakistan’s ISI.


According to sources, the Taliban is trying to present a moderate face to the world. But India doesn’t see the basic conduct of the Taliban much differently than it did in 1996. Other countries including India are keeping an eye on the action of Taliban. They also remain in contact with each other. India’s diplomatic pressure on the decision regarding the recognition of the new emirate of the Taliban is coming in handy. Countries like Russia and Iran are also engaged in consultation with India in this regard.

Apart from America, India has held talks with many countries including Russia, Iran, Qatar, Tajikistan, Germany, Italy. These countries are insisting on mutual coordination for any decision in Afghanistan. Also there is a general consensus against terror despite differing opinions on some issues. Sources said, after seizing power in Afghanistan in 1996, the Taliban had become ground zero for international terrorism. That is why various countries are engaged in serious discussion on this issue that it is necessary to look at the ground situation instead of hurrying about the Taliban.


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