India has also banned flights to many countries, some countries did not allow flights


Most countries have imposed a lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. At the same time, flights from other countries were also banned. Lockdown has now been removed in most countries. A number of international flights have also been launched due to the lifting of the lockdown. However, many countries still do not allow flights to their countries due to the risk of coronavirus. According to media reports, several countries have already objected to the Indian aircraft.


Explain that the US government banned the Vand India mission aircraft that started in May to bring its citizens from India. The government said the Indian government was discriminating against American Airlines by banning similar flights. The issue was then settled between the two countries by setting up an air bubble.

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) said the same thing as the United States that India is not allowing any flights. Officials in Dubai said in June that Air India flights would also require special permission to pick up UAE nationals. Subsequently, air bubbles were established with the UAE.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Germany said it would hold talks with India in October on how to restore air traffic between the two countries. Germany’s Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure said that we have indicated that India is also interested in a speedy and satisfactory settlement between the two sides.

Hong Kong also banned flights under the India Mission in Bhande in August and September. According to media reports, India has also banned flights to Hong Kong.

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