India got another success in the battle with Corona, more than 43 lakh people got vaccinated in a single day


In India, the Corona virus is creating new records every day, so the war against it is also being fought on a war footing. In the last 24 hours, a record 43 lakh people have been given the Corona vaccine in India. This is the highest ever since the commencement of the vaccination campaign.


According to Tuesday’s data provided by the Ministry of Health, a total of 43 lakh 966 people have been vaccinated in India within the last 24 hours. After this, the number of people taking the Corona vaccine has now increased to 8 crore 31 lakh 10 thousand 926.

Out of more than 43 lakh people who have been vaccinated in the last 24 hours, 39 lakh 505 people have taken the first dose, while 4 lakh 461 people have taken the second dose of the vaccine. This data is up to 7 am Tuesday.

Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala account for 60 percent of the total vaccines given so far.

Maharashtra has the highest number of vaccines given in the country. So far 81 lakh 27 thousand 248 people have been vaccinated in the state. After this, Corona vaccine has been given to 76 lakh 89 thousand 507 in Gujarat, 72 lakh 99 thousand 305 in Rajasthan, 71 lakh 98 thousand 372 in Uttar Pradesh and 65 lakh 41 thousand 370 in West Bengal.

Please tell that within the last 24 hours, a total of 96 thousand 982 new cases of Corona virus have been registered across the country. After this, the total number of positive cases in the country has increased to 1 crore 26 lakh 86 thousand 49. At the same time, 446 patients died due to corona in the last one day.


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