India Connection of Kabul Blast Terrorist, Alert in Delhi; India came for this purpose in 2016


Delhi Police has been alerted after receiving information about the presence of an Afghan terrorist in India. It has been told that this terrorist was involved in the bombing in Kabul in August. About 200 people, including 13 American soldiers, lost their lives in this attack. According to the Delhi Police, this terrorist of Abdul Rehman Naam Al Logari was arrested in the year 2016 on the Delhi-Haryana border. According to Chinmay Biswal, Deputy Commissioner (Crime Branch) of Delhi Police, full vigilance is being taken in the matter.

Islamic State Khorasan Province has claimed

Another Delhi Police official said that the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) of Afghanistan has made this claim. According to this claim, Abdul Rahman was involved in the suicide attack at Al Kabul airport. The ISKP, in the 20th edition of its propaganda magazine ‘Voice of Hind’, has reportedly claimed that 170 people, including 13 US Marines, were killed in Kabul by a suicide bomber Abdul Rahman al-Loghari.


Was arrested during secret operation in India

Abdul Rehman was arrested in 2016 during a covert operation in India. He came here to target the cow protector Hindus of India. During this time he was arrested by the Indian security agencies. He was later extradited to Afghanistan, where he was jailed. During the recent power turmoil in Afghanistan, he managed to get out of jail along with many dreaded terrorists. Reports said that Rahman had come to India as a student.



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