India and America in preparation for all-round encirclement of China, a strategy will be made for the expansion of the Quad


There may be talks between the US and India in the coming days regarding the expansion of the Quad. These expansions may be on strategic issues other than membership. For example, Quad will increase cooperation with other countries depending on the issues. Cooperation especially with ASEAN countries will be expanded. Apart from India, the Quad includes the US, Japan and Australia. China considers the Quad against itself.

According to sources, understanding will increase in the coming days on other issues, including sharing of inputs, strengthening their infrastructural mechanisms, while cautioning countries with common interests in the South China Sea about China’s expansionary strategy. Quad’s strategy includes cooperation of small island countries and increasing understanding with ASEAN countries. This alliance against China’s arbitrary behavior will be even more widespread in the coming days.

Quad will also expand cooperation to other countries in areas including education, health, security, partnership in building quality infrastructure, cooperation in vaccine manufacturing and distribution, cyber security, among others. The scope of strategic cooperation will also be increased keeping in view each other’s needs.


Along with the G7 and G20, the Quad’s cooperation-based strategy will be seen in the coming days. The four countries of the Quad, besides supporting each other on global forums, will engage countries of common interest in development, trade, infrastructure and information exchange. There will also be increased coordination on trade issues with the EU. India has a special eye on the supply chain. India wants other countries including Quad to join the campaign to create an alternative supply chain for China.

Sources said that the expansion of the Quad will be mostly on non-military issues. But it will be very important from a strategic point of view. Instead of a direct siege of China, the scope of cooperation will be increased keeping trade at the center.


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