Inciting statements against Hindus, two women journalists arrested in Tripura violence


The Tripura Police team arrested two Delhi-based journalists from Assam on Sunday night for spreading communal hatred. He is accused of spreading hatred during the coverage of the communal violence in Tripura on 26 October. Experts in the matter said that both the journalists named Samridhi K Sakuniya and Swaran Jha work for Delhi-based HW News. Both will be produced in the court for preliminary questioning on Monday.

Both the women journalists were detained in Assam’s Karimganj district at the request of Tripura Police. As per procedure, the Tripura Police team went to Assam but both the women journalists refused to accompany the team at night. Under section 46(4) of the Criminal Procedure Code, ie, no woman can be arrested after sunset and before sunrise. However, there may be some exceptions as well. Later another team arrived with a court order and arrested both the journalists.

An official said that both the journalists were supposed to go after talking to the Agartala police but both went to Assam without informing the police. The official said that women journalists had shared some videos on social media, in which Gomti was purportedly showing a burnt mosque and half-burnt Quran in the district, which is suspected to have been tampered with.


At the same time, HW News Network has called the detention of women journalists an attack on the press by the Tripura Police and the government. At the same time, it has also been said that this case is an attempt to stop journalists from telling the truth.

On Sunday, Kanchan Das filed a case against Sakuniya and Jha accusing her of making provocative speeches against Hindus. According to the allegation, the duo made provocative speeches against Hindus and the Tripura government between some Muslim families in Palbazar area in Unakoti district of Tripura on November 13.


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