In this way everyone will not be vaccinated, the speed is slow, 92 lakh vaccines are required every day


If India has to provide anti-corona vaccine to 100 percent of its population of 18 years and above by the end of this year, then to meet this target, 92 lakh doses will have to be given in the country every day. On June 21 this year, India set a record by administering 88 lakh doses in a day. It was India’s best week so far in terms of vaccination. However, now if the entire population is to be vaccinated, then India will have to go beyond this record.

States with the largest population of adults – Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and West Bengal – will also have to vaccinate twice as many as in the week of June 21.

The Times of India has told in its report that in the year 2021, the population of adults in India is about 94 crores. This means that 188 crore vaccine doses are needed for these people in the country. Till the end of July, 47 crore doses of vaccine have been given in the country. That is, now 141 crore doses will have to be given in the remaining 153 days of the year, which means that every day 92 lakh doses will have to be given in the country.


Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state, had given 6.7 lakh doses per day in its best week in terms of vaccination. Now by the end of this year, 16.1 lakh doses will have to be given every day in UP and this includes Sundays. Similarly, Bihar had given an average of 3.3 lakh vaccine doses every day in its best week of June 21, but now it will have to provide an average of 8 lakh doses every day for the remaining five months of the year.

Vaccine supply is the biggest reason for the slow pace of vaccination. However, the government had indicated that in August the country would get 150 million additional doses of the vaccine, while India would get 19-20 crore in September.


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