In the Rinku Sharma murder case, AAP asked Home Minister Amit Shah six questions


Raghav Chadda said- Isn’t the slogan of Joy Shri Ram safe now? BJP is in charge of law enforcement in Delhi, was their government formed on this day?

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) spokesperson Raghav Chada Rinku Sharma murdered Home Minister Amit Shah has been asked six questions in the Rinku Sharma murder case. He told a news conference today that Rinku Sharma’s family was saying that Joy is the slogan of Shri Ram He was killed for planting. It should be verified and Guilty Conference. But if that happens, aren’t Joy Sri Ram’s slogans safe now? The BJP is responsible for maintaining law and order in Delhi. He has seven MPs, the home minister of the BJP. Was his government formed for this day?

Raghav Chadda said that even Hindus are not safe under your rule. If there is no slogan of Joy Shri Ram in Delhi, where will it be? He asked the BJP and the Home Minister six questions –



1. Why didn’t Home Minister Rinku visit Sharma’s family or even tweet?
2. Law and order is under the purview of the Home Minister. Should the Home Minister campaign in Bengali during such a national event in Delhi?
3. Which seven seats were given to the people of Delhi for this national massacre in 2014 and 1999?
4. Why hasn’t the police commissioner gone to meet Rinku Sharma’s family yet?
5. How long will the Indian government announce one crore rupees assistance for Rinku Sharma’s family?
BJP. The BJP has alleged that its workers are being killed in Bengal. The home minister himself went there and talked about it, but neither the BJP nor the home minister talked about Rinku Sharma’s assassination in Delhi.

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He said the Aam Aadmi Party was helping the affected families. Local MLA Rakhi Birlan is standing with the family.


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