In the joint meeting of CVC-CBI, PM Modi said – we will not spare those who cheat the country and loot the poor


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the government will not spare those who betray the country or loot the poor, however powerful they may be. Addressing the joint conference of CVC and CBI in Gujarat online, PM Modi hit out at the Congress and said that the previous governments did not have the will to fight against corruption.

Addressing a joint conference of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), PM Modi said, “Small or big corruption snatches away the rights of someone or the other. It deprives the common citizen of the country from his rights. hinders the progress of the nation and also affects our collective power as a nation and today the country has also become convinced that those who cheat the country, rob the poor, no matter how powerful they are Wherever they are in the country, they are no longer pity, the government does not spare them.


The Prime Minister said that government schemes are now being implemented without any middlemen or corruption. PM Modi said, ‘The country now believes that they can benefit from government schemes without any middlemen and corruption. People have also started believing that now the fraudsters will not be spared. The Prime Minister said that New India is no longer ready to accept that corruption is a part of the system. He said that they want a transparent system, efficient process and smooth governance.



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