IIT graduate turns out to have threatened rape

Mumbai Police has traced the person who threatened to rape Virat Kohli’s 10-month-old girl on Twitter. The young man has studied from IIT and lives in Hyderabad. It has been told in the media reports that the name of this 23-year-old arrested youth is Ramnagesh Akubatini. He used to work for a food delivery app till recently and is now unemployed. He had created an account on Twitter with a fake name from which he had threatened rape. The matter is of 24 October when the Indian team lost to the Pakistan team in a match in the T20 cricket tournament being held in Dubai. After the defeat, many people criticized the Indian team. Hate remarks were made against Mohammed Shami, the only Muslim player in the team, specifically targeting his religion. When team captain Virat Kohli gave a statement in defense of Shami with a fake name, then he was made the target of this hatred. In the same sequence, an account named @criccrazygirl threatened to rape Kohli’s 10-month-old daughter.


Kohli’s manager lodged a complaint against this tweet with the Mumbai Police, after which the police traced Ramnagesh Akubatini from Hyderabad. Deputy commissioner Rashmi Karandikar told reporters that he would be questioned in Mumbai to find out why he made such remarks. Another Mumbai Cyber ​​Police official told The Indian Express newspaper that the accused used several fake names to hide his identity on the internet. Rising cyber crime: Alt News, a website that investigates cases of fake news, had earlier claimed that its investigation has revealed that this Twitter handle claims to be a Pakistani handle but in reality the person running it is an Indian and is based in Hyderabad. lives. Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair also said in a tweet that this person retweeted tweets with right wing views. Abusing, intimidating and threatening people by creating accounts on social media with fake names has become a big problem. Women in particular have to face a lot of such criminal behavior. Even before this, many women politicians, journalists and celebrities have complained about such behavior.


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