If we had said ‘all Hindus become one’, there would have been a ruckus, PM Modi’s attack on Mamta Banerjee


Voting for the third phase is taking place in West Bengal today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Cooch Behar to address a rally. He began his address at the rally, referring to the foundation day of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). During this time, the Prime Minister surrounded the statement of Mamata Banerjee, in which she appealed to the Muslims to unite and vote.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, Respected sister, recently you said that all Muslims should unite, do not let the votes be divided. You are saying this means that you are convinced that the Muslim vote bank has also gone out of your hands, the Muslims have also turned away from you. You have to say so publicly, this shows that you have lost the election. “He further said,” Didi, you are abusive to the Election Commission, but we would have said that all Hindus should be united. Go, vote for the BJP, we would have got 8-10 notices of the Election Commission. The editorials of the whole country would have turned against us. ”

We are ordinary people, engaged in service with the blessings of God

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “In the last 2 phases, a large number of people have come out of their homes, putting long lines and voted in favor of BJP.” Even today there is very good voting. There is such a wave of BJP in Bengal that has set aside the fear of Didi’s goons, Didi. “The PM said,” I heard Didi these days asking questions whether BJP is God who knows her It is known that the BJP is getting a big win in the first two phases. Respected sister, O sister, we are ordinary people and are engaged in the service of the country by the command of God and with his blessings. ”

Didi has self-made, you have given up

He further said, “Every day you have to say that you are winning Nandigram. But the day you played at the polling booth in Nandigram, the things that happened, on the same day, the whole country had accepted that you had lost. No need to ask God for this. Didi, your anger, your displeasure, your behavior, seeing all this, even a child can tell that you have lost the election, you have left the field. “Prime Minister Modi said,” Didi, people say you are football She plays a lot. In football there is an Own Goal … You have scored a self goal in the field of elections. You yourself have accepted your truth. ”


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