“If they can do it with the President …”: BJP MP fights on Twitter


The social media company Twitter’s Twitter account was shut down by US President Donald Trump. Tejaswi Surya has targeted big technology companies in this regard.

Trump supporters surrounded the US House of Representatives, Capitol Hill, on Wednesday and entered the building. Violent demonstrations were held. The social media company Twitter (Twitter) has since shut down the Twitter account of US President Donald Trump. While many people support the closure of Trump’s Twitter account, some oppose it. BJP MP and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha president Tejaswi Surya said the permanent suspension of Trump’s account was a “time for democrats to be aware” of the threats posed by unregulated big technology companies.

Commenting on the Twitter post, Tejaswi Surya wrote in his tweet: “It’s time for all those who still don’t realize that these unregulated big tech companies are a threat to our democracy. If they are potash (if you can do it with the President of the United States, you can India can soon review the rules regarding these institutions to improve our democracy. ”

The remarks by Bengaluru MP Tejaswi Surya came after Twitter’s decision to permanently shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account to prevent further violence in the United States.


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Twitter said in a statement on Friday, “Given the in-depth review of recent tweets from Donald Trump’s account and especially in the context of his explanation on and off Twitter, we have more violence. The account (Donald Trump’s personal account) has been permanently banned considering the risk.”

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“If they can do it with the President …”: BJP MP fights on Twitter
“If they can do it with the President …”: BJP MP fights on Twitter

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